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Clare Payne

Counsellor and Coach

Individual Counselling


Therapy Sessions
My Approach

I work from a person-centered perspective, which means we talk about what is most important to you.  Once we have built trust together we can look at the way you would like to work.  I am trained in integrative counselling which means we can draw on different approaches to explore what you bring to the sessions. This could be looking in to the past, looking at ways of thinking and behaving or looking forward to what you want to do differently. Ultimately we work towards your goals and the change or movement you would like to see in your life.

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About me

Hi I am Clare and I am a trained integrative counsellor, if you are interested in setting up a session and finding out more about how counselling could work for you, use the contact form below.

Getting Help

The first step to getting help this thinking about talking to someone, the second step is looking for a therapist and the third step is booking a session.  If you are here reading this then you are on step two, so keep going if you think this is the time for you to talk.

Below are some of the topics you might be considering.

Life Transitions

Self Esteem


Making decisions

Work - life balance

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